Make Love Affordable

This statement is somewhat controversial. Here’s why: currently our social atmosphere is pushing for self love, in every form. From Body positivity to appreciation of our unique individuality. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matt 22:39 So, you need to love yourself in order to love your neighbor. BUT- this is where it gets prickly: loving people costs and no one wants to devalue themselves for the sake of another. That’s kind of what happens when you love others. Well, maybe not reducing your worth, but giving of yourself in a way that takes from you. It isn’t cheap. Even so,  I believe T.D. Jakes is saying don’t make it so that the intended recipient of your love can’t afford it because you’re unwilling to absorb any cost. I know this is why my natural inclination is to hesitate out of self protection. I want to hedge my bets. I don’t want to lose any of my value and I also don’t want  to risk another break in my heart.  YET- that kind of risky, potentially harming to the heart, selfless love is exactly the kind He gave me. He did not gamble on a person with high odds of return. Now He commands me to do the same. A Christian cannot parcel out their love according to their expectation of reciprocal payment. It’s supposed to be liberally distributed. I’ve said before, not stupidly. You don’t necessarily facilitate being mistreated. I’m not pushing for letting people treat you like s$%#.  Yet, there’s “turn the other cheek” and then this:  “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34  How did He love us?  He straight up, just handed it all over. His Life for us. So, this means prayer, advice, humility in order to love like Him, wisely. But also a willingness to be a sacrifice in His Name. Don’t ask me how you do this perfectly.  I seriously don’t know. But, I’m thinking, it’d be better to overlove than the alternative. That’s pretty much what He did. So, how do YOU deal with this dilemma?  (I really would like to know how you deal with this. To be truthful, I’m not necessarily a fan of “pop” Christianity,  but this quote showed up in a friend’s feed and I left my take on it as a comment. She and I don’t 100% agree, but it’s worth the dialogue)


Love Always


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