Pieces or Peace

iiiiiWithout Jesus, we will absolutely face anxiety, fear, conflict insecurity, distrust, doubt and it will tear us to pieces. That is why Jesus is our peace. He bridges the gap. He overcomes those things so that he is our calm, courage, harmony, security, trust, faith. He is it. I have no desire to confront life without him as my peace. I already tried it without him. It is convoluted and labor intensive because you have to rely on yourself and/or others to try and make it through this life. And you and they will FAIL. Not all the time, not even most of the time, but enough of the time. Then when you try it the other way, the hard things don’t go away, but you no longer are responsible for solving them. So, that’s where the peace comes in.

Has He?

looHe has. He continues even today. He does great things on a micro and macro level daily. The great things that occur at even the the tiniest time intervals are amazing. I don’t know that our minds are capable of really capturing the understanding of how truly great his works are. I told someone once, that I thanked God for great parking spots. He was disgusted with the idea that God would bother to utilize his power for something so mundane and unimportant. It does sound kind of funny thinking he would accommodate me in this way. But there is a Scripture in James 1:17 that says every good and perfect gift is from above. So, I am going to claim that even great parking is proof that he has and continues to do great things!