Mercy Me


Everybody needs it.  I can guarantee that I will be depending on it today and everyday that I am still here. I know that even if I make every effort, I will sin in some way.  Even if I don’t “commit” the sin, my thought life and my heart are guilty because I judge people at times.  I criticize and complain some days.  I compare and I am envious on other days. And this happens during times that I am making a concerted effort to remain spiritually minded.  Sin is quick to entangle because it is easy to give in to it.  Not only that, but since it is fun (deceitfully), or exciting, or pleasurable, it is tempting to justify it.  I know that I have come up with some pretty complicated reasoning to warrant whatever stupid sinful thing I want to do or feel or say or think sometimes.  So, back to mercy.  How I need it!  But, then this brings up another important issue.  Mercy is received but it is given as well.  While I am battling sin, (thankfully the Holy Spirit helps us), others are battling sin as well.  And there is a high probability that I will be on the receiving end of some of that.  Now I have to dispense mercy generously because I sure didn’t have a hard time taking it when I needed it!  I do it because that is what God does. “Mercy triumphs over judgement.” James 2:13b