Gratitude Attitude



My life is made up of positives and negatives and my outlook fluctuates according to which of those two I concentrate on. For example: gratitude for my job, or frustration I don’t have more time off? That is a mild comparison.  What if you are battling a serious illness, or you are in financial distress or there are relationship struggles? Do I have the ability to  focus on which end of the spectrum I choose to? Is there even any good in my situation? Yes, because underlying those questions is this fact, God is good. Even if I cannot understand why I’m in this place, He is still good. Why? Why is He good while we are in the midst of it? Because He is right there with you.”I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Heb 13:5b In order to see the good, you have to believe the good. And over all of this is His ultimate goodness which is his promise to return and rescue us from this place. 1Thess 4:13-18 If you believe and follow Him, this earth is not your final resting place. He’s coming back to get you and that is why He is good. That truth gives me reason to give thanks and can recallibrate my perspective despite my circumstances. “the Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom.”  2Tim 4:18 That was Positive Paul.

He Lives


This is the statement that needs to be reiterated at the Enemy every single time you feel hopeless or outranked.  He can’t win.  It’s already been decided.  Meanwhile, situations overwhelm and loom large.  You may feel lost and bewildered maybe even alone and misunderstood, but this simple statement can disarm the Enemy’s efforts.  I won’t let him guide me down a path that I can’t recover from.  My Savior Lives and He has overcome the grave.  This week was incredibly difficult for me. I am still in the midst of it. I really don’t know exactly what I am going to do about the situation that has presented itself in my life.  I just know that it is not more powerful than the Son of God.  Somehow the truth of this statement will help me get through the struggle.  So, if there is victory over death, than there can be victory over this situation. That hope is universally available to all. The patriarch of suffering knew this: “I know that my Savior lives.” Job 19:25

Grace Race


Yea, there isn’t one.  You couldn’t perform well enough no matter how good of shape you’re in, to win grace.  That, alone takes off the pressure.  There’s such a fine line between grace and obedience. If you lean too far either way, you can become deceived. You don’t want to abuse grace, but you also seek to avoid legalism. There are times to have sober judgement of our spiritual selves in light of the Spirit and in order to hear His Words. Sometimes, though, you just need to know, He’s done the hard work. What’s left for us is our response to his effort to reconcile us to Him.  He started it and he finished it.  Nothing that I do or don’t do will play a part in my grace.  BUT, he can’t take over my heart and also respond for me. I think that if there is anything that I have battled as a follower, it has to be this concept.  I don’t like being indebted to anyone. So, I FEEL like I have to do something. I can’t easily accept the help or gifts of anyone.  It just makes me feel like I owe them something, and it is this feeling that triggers religious behavior that sort of makes me feel like I have a hand in grace. I need to read this Scripture and let it root deep enough that I accept the gift and then, prayerfully,  my natural response will be effortless love for Him and His creation.  I’m working on it. ; )