Love Moves




It really is hard to write about this.  I can say that love is the most important thing. Yet my life is not always a reflection of that. I’m a hypocrite. It isn’t that I fail to love all the time. But I can’t say that everything I do is done in love.  In traffic, it’s pretty obvious, that I have areas I don’t cover in love. I am not naturally going to be loving in all situations.  I look at myself and I read this verse, and I feel overwhelmed with the shortfall.  But this is how I should be looking at it. God can work through me.  Not because I’m hijacked but because I am  re-purposed.  I have the ability to manifest love of God even when I am past my human capabilities.  He has given me the Holy Spirit which can allow God/Jesus to reach down from Heaven and communicate love.  When I let myself be used this way, I will see love move.  It can move hearts, situation, mountains.  Am I the best channel?  No, but I look to God and His love moves, even me.

Treasure Hunter

yyyyIt makes sense that your heart would be in the same place with whatever you treasure. Your heart is the center of your being and it needs to be in proximity with what you value most.  Sometimes, I get it right, but other times, I misplace my heart. I look away from my treasure and look at other things that appear desirable.  I have everything I need but when I get distracted, my value system becomes distorted.  Even though I am a follower of God, I still struggle with being satisfied.  God, though, has always made it clear what He considers to be his treasure:  mankind.  He set our price at Jesus and made us priceless.  We can’t claim that we had any inherent value prior to this, so it demonstrates how much he really prizes us.  Since He sees us as precious, we can be relieved of the earthly value system. I don’t have to be enslaved by my eyes or my appetite.  I don’t have to accumulate wealth to obtain security or self-worth.  He has made us so worthy, that we can be free to chase things like love, compassion, forgiveness, generosity.  If I pursue those things, they accrue in people and in heaven. There is no better investment that can result in eternal treasure like that.  So, I pray that we can search for spiritual treasure and place our heart there.