His Hands

If I reach for God in prayer, He never maintains any distance.  He is quick to connect with me.  It is His great joy to hold me up.  He cradles my prayers because He values me. I can’t claim that I earned His care or that in my corner of the world, I caught His attention by my holy life. He just loves what he creates. He especially loves humanity.  We hold the primary place in God’s Heart and He has done everything He can do to bring us to Him. We are His children and when we call to Him, He hears us every time.  I may not hear Him or receive the response I desired, but He definitely received my words and He will surround me with His Peace.  The restoration of calm and serenity are essential so that I can rely on Him and finally lay down to rest in His Hands.  “You open your Hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16

Never Ending Light

The dark of Sin and Suffering and Death once encompassed and ruled the earth. It was the inevitable fate and ending for every person before Jesus. Very rarely, God made an exception, but it was always due to His action and not the worthiness of the individual. For everyone else, darkness would always rule with no hope to ever live with God in Paradise. But the Lord has been in love with us from Adam until now, so, He was compelled to send a Hero to rescue us from the darkness. Only God is greater than the Dark, so He sent of Himself. His Son, who: “In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” John 1:4. He is the Light of Life that cannot be overcome by the deepest black. The dark has varying shades and it’s power on earth is great, but He is forever greater. Today, it may be that you are surrounded by shadows in your life that have begun to increase, threatening to overtake you. If He resides in you, this interim darkness will not ultimately succeed. I am not minimizing it’s temporary impact. I’ve prayed for over incredibly difficult situations that some of you are living in. Sometimes,  the darkness appears to be winning and it may have short term victories. Please don’t believe that this is the conclusion. The Lord can work now by alleviating the effect the dark has over you even if it remains unchanged. The truth is, your faith has to cling and seek sanctuary in the Light so that God can bring illumination in the midst of pitch black life. And if you remain in Him, even death won’t douse Jesus. (For anyone who hasn’t yet accepted the Light, send me a message through the website)