God ‘s Great Goodness.

Good is difficult to define. The synonyms are just not exact matches. Maybe contrast is better. Good vs. Bad or Good vs. Evil. The comparison helps. With regards to God, he is nothing but Good. He is Good in every-single-way. He is Perfect Good and He is overflowing in it. Evil and Bad do not exist in Him. He is completely void of anything that falls under those categories.

That seems so elementary, but you can’t tell me there were never times you questioned His Goodness. You did or you do when you don’t trust Him, or you assume your hardship is His punishment. Or you have your own plan because His just doesn’t cut it. I’ve had those thoughts go through my heart and mind. I’ve tried to bypass Him when I felt like He wasn’t “good enough.” I’m guilty of it even today. But it doesn’t matter how I feel, or what I think I know. He is not setting me up for a fall. His Good might hurt, but it is not harmful. So, I tell myself this because I forget sometimes, how incredibly Good He is.

What is His Good, then? It’s Kindness, Faithfullness, Hope, Patience, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, Truth, Grace, Mercy, Wisdom, and all of it stemming from Love. These are the real synonyms of Good and these are His attributes which He demonstrates unfailingly and flawlessly to everyone. – You couldn’t exaggerate it even if you tried.

“The LORD is good to everyone.” Psalm 145:9a

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1

“the LORD is good and his love endures forever; ” Psalm 100:5


I’m sharing this because they’re my thoughts and my conviction about God. But I am not invulnerable to doubt or frustration with faith.

Social media is malleable when it comes to our image. We can present pretty much any angle that we want. I hope I don’t come across as perfect. Yet, I am careful about what I post, to not appear in an unfavorable way. So, you know, today, I’m just going to be honest. I do not have everything I want. God hasn’t handed me the answer to every prayer. There are some things I don’t understand and though, I’m a positive person and in the very center of #%^@& situations, I’m still going to fulfill my purpose. But yesterday, was a day where I kinda broke. It took every bit of my will to make myself go to work and face my obligations. God didn’t get great prayers or beautiful worship from me. I was just questioning Him and I had a lot of anguish over His non answers, which really are “no” or “not now”. And, guess what? There are no better answers today. So, I read my own post on Squigglyword and I teach myself again. He can’t be Loving and not Good. Also, God’s good isn’t mine to define. I have to believe it is the utmost Good because He is Good…and live in that truth.

He is Good Always. ????

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