Invisible Love


For the last year and half or so, I’ve written about what I know and what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning about God and about Jesus. I’ve only had a blog for that period of time, but I became a Christian a long time before that, and I guess, when I first started, I thought that I could encourage people to look at God in a different way. I was hoping to take some head knowledge about Scripture and couple it with many of the truths I’ve internalized going through life. I know I’m not extraordinary in that regard. But, I figured, if my primary objective was to redirect people to God, then that would be sufficient. Somehow, many of my writings were centered around God’s Love. I came at it from different angles and intellectually, I believe everything I wrote.  Yet, from a personal standpoint, I don’t have a consistent heart connection to that Love. I don’t feel it inherently 100% of the time. It’s probably because, if you think about it, I’m advocating belief in an invisible love. I tell others about it and I’ve bet everything on it, but  because this is a spiritual concept, it won’t have the tangibility that I am accustomed to as a human. I can point to the Scriptures as proof or creation. I can remember every good thing and acknowledge it came from heaven. I can even witness miracles, but there’s still so much time on earth that He just doesn’t seem touchable or present like I’m used to in other human relationships.  It’s not like I can definitively “prove” God’s Love even with all these things. (Not that He needs me to)  There are definite, undeniable times His Love came in loud and clear. I would never say that He hasn’t loved me or loves me. What I’m trying to express is that I understand He Loves but because I’m still so mortal, I look at His Love or for His Love with unspiritual eyes at different points in my life. Maybe, you never do. You might be dialed in and never struggle with this. I’m not expressing myself very well so I sound kind of blasphemous. (It’s a good thing nobody really reads this blog) I’m not trying to take away from God the reality of His Love. I’m only writing out loud the thoughts that I have when I want so much to experience Him in a way that I know in human relationships. I’m sure that this is the reason,  I’ve tried to find my home and my joy in human love. I wanted that more than His and I haven’t been able to connect with Him like that.  Person to person love, is so here and now. It’s beautiful and feels fulfilling. But, He’s not going to acquiesce to my desire for that kind of limited interaction. His Love doesn’t demonstrate itself in human terms and there are no parameters that inhibit it’s manifestation. I’ve decided, I have to expand my heart and mind.  I’m not sure how I’ll get there. I’m  going to pray and rely on His help because I want to mature spiritually in order to see Invisible Love.

If Jesus is the proof of God’s Love. John 3:16 and Jesus is one with God, then we can see God in Jesus.
“He(Jesus) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.” Colossians 1:15

I’ll start here and “see” where He takes me.

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