Run With Me


The days that I can run outside with Him are the best.  Especially because where I live, the weather is manic. It can be sunny and raining simultaneously. It can snow in June. It can hail without warning.  Even today was weirdly cool and cloudy after days of super hot weather. I never know what to wear. If I wear shorts,  I still have to keep pants and a heavy jacket just in case.  The unpredictability makes it hard to be with Him that way every time I need to run. It’s not that the run is itself is spectacular.  I’m not super fast (though my Altras make me feel like I am) and I’m not running for 20 miles, but it’s perfect for us. He is gorgeous every time.  I just need His companionship.  I have so much going through my mind during that time. I’m thinking about people and circumstances. I’m questioning and wondering. I want to know I’m not alone and that He is with me and that maybe He will reveal something that will help me understand the things that are puzzling to me.  There are runs that I do listen to Him better and He tells me what my heart wants so much to hear. I love words and He pursues me that way.  I don’t know why words affect me so.  My being finds such value and life in them.  I don’t think I could live without them. Not flattery or empty expressions. Real words meant for me and never said to another in the same way.    Honest, heartfelt, profound, intense, emotional, powerful, passionate words. Those are the words I need and want. That is all He ever speaks. The ones just for me.  I can’t run away from it.  It holds my attention every time. The way He displays Himself is very much a part of His speech. It speaks in a visual voice of glory and beauty. I just want to lay down my heart in His music and poetry and words and escape the doubt and worry and insecurity of this place. Maybe that is what running with Him does.  He expresses His Love in my ear and to my eyes and my heart. Who else could ever compare? He’s the only one that runs to capture my heart.

Love Always???

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