Strength, Song, Salvation

After I made this and framed it,  I thought I’d have a profound and meaningful post to go with it. But, I don’t. I can’t add any more layers to that snippet of Scripture. I think it pretty much expresses what I want to say without expounding unnecessarily.

At church, the “Praise Project” was announced 3 weeks ago. The church wanted to give anyone the opportunity to express artistically, a verse, thought, prayer, that resonated spiritually with them. The church will then display these pieces on Easter. I debated creating anything. I felt a little prompting to make something,  but this verse isn’t even a favorite.  I actually looked for a verse that started with “The”. I was more concerned with the layout versus the content.  I’m sure I’ll get asked what this verse means to me. Up until Tuesday, it didn’t mean anything, really. Not in the sense that I consciously associated it with anything in my life personally.  But here it is. So, I read and re-read it. I still don’t have anything to add to it’s message,  LOL. It’s perfect,  the way it is.

Everything that it says, I will say is true for me.  He definitely is my Strength. I could have never made it to this point, without Him.  I tried; I have given a lot of my strength to the pursuit of loving God, but, I’m still weak, even in my best moments. He is worthy,  but in the past,  I have given my heart to the here and now. When I was in the midst of it, nothing else could make as much sense as what I felt at the moment.  I was all in, and completely engrossed. During all of it, He was the harmony. He was the sweet music. Nothing ever sounded better. In the end, He came in and saved me. I tried. I wanted to be His, but I had moments that I gave in to my wants and desires. How would I ever inherit salvation if He didn’t purposefully swoop in and rescue me? I’d have missed the beauty and the adventure.  He never intended for me to forego that.  So, He will always be my strength, my song and my salvation.

Love Always❤❤❤

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  1. Wonderful! He is indeed our song, and I love how you sing it. May the music never end – praise His Holy Name! ❤️?❤️

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