As a new creation, He proposes to leap over the human side of me and pair up with my willing heart in order to make me supernaturally spiritual. It’s almost crazy to believe that a mortal life can join with the One who created all things, and become like Him. This is exactly what happens if you surrender to His Love. Born anew, He deposits His Spirit in me. So, if His desire and intent is to bring all people to Him and grant them the best future, would they ever live an ordinary, mediocre or average existence with Him? Just the fact that someone decides to respond to His Love and follow an invisible Being is already pretty remarkable. He takes that faith, and He begins to put into play circumstances and opportunities for us to bypass our human nature. If I choose to let Him lead, I start to do and think and say and live in a way that is so unlike me, I, too will be amazed.  He needs my participation, though, and, truthfully, I’ll toggle between my will and His. (and I have, even recently) But- the times, I give in…  Think about this for a minute,•true• forgiveness, repentance, sacrifice, humility, unconditional love, are acts and traits that are not a natural inclination in us. When a follower desires to live this way, He will equip and accomplish miracles. Things that surpass raising the dead. Here’s a verse that will trip you My:

“I tell you the truth, of all who have ever lived, none is greater than John the Baptist. Yet even the least person in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he is!” Matt 11:11

Yes, greater than John. Not because of our perception of greatness but because the Love of Jesus is capable of doing spectacular things, big or small. The scale isn’t the point.  It’s the manifestation of Him in Grace and Truth, loving all, even the unlovable, regardless of the outcome. This is truth: I wasn’t made to live a “normal” life.  I’m here to be exceptionally unaverage in the most extraordinary way.  Youtube video.

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Oh, and Love Always???

Dark Days

Dark To Light

The air is muffled and Dark
Thousands of leaves block the light
I walk a few feet to leave the trees
And suddenly light surrounds me
A simple meadow lost in the woods
Shining brightly like a hidden jewel
I step back into the cover of the forest
And the light gives way as to a hood
The silence held as if revered
But some footsteps patter by unseen
Almost as if challenging the silent trees
I walk forward to enter that meadow again
And bird song fills the air
Life and Energy show everywhere
Contrasting that of the silent wood
Both just a few steps away
But as different as Night and Day – Sarah Tipton
The contrast between the Dark and the Light is so profound but so necessary. This way neither can be confused with the other.  They are completely distinguishable, especially, spiritually speaking. When I found this quote, though, I wasn’t thinking so much spiritually as I was just about daily life.  If you live long enough, you will experience dark to light and much of the time, back to light.  I don’t think you can truly value the light days until you’ve lived though some dark ones. But then, I thought, can there be light in dark days?  or dark in light days?  I think so. This means that each day can possibly possess darkness and light.  Yet, in order to ensure that the dark isn’t dominant in any given moment, you have to return to spirituality.  Life can be erratic with the light/dark designation, but with Him, each day will absolutely always have Light.
 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5
I had to settle into this because this week was leaning heavy toward the dark.  I even had an extremely weird incident occur on social media today that I am still confused about.  It came out of the most left, left field. It compounded the feeling of darkness.  The last week has been hard to navigate through because of the impression I felt of profound darkness.  But, right now, I am not convinced that it is as dark as it seems.
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12
I am not walking around in a shadowy place where I can’t see and blackness has taken over.  If Jesus is the Light of Life, I have light in my life, without exception.  This is not just a comforting thought.  He is Light for me but He is Light in me.
“You are the light of the world… let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16
I can be light in the way I love.  My Love is Light.  Really, His Love is Light and if I let Him shine in me, I can also reflect that Light.  But I am not just a conduit.  I can take on His Love too when I am convinced of His Love for me.  I’m not always functioning at that level, I’m not that good.  Yet, He has lit me up enough to dissipate darkness at different times. Yesterday was one of those days.  It was a long, hard day, but the light redeemed it when He gave me the ability to demonstrate some of his Love even when I was super tired and I just wanted to go home.  I don’t regret it, even though, I kind of wondered if I was bringing enough light. I have realized that as dark as this week was, it never became pitch black.  None of my days will ever be beyond light because there is always access to the Light of the World and He said:
“For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” 2 Corinthians 4:6
Love Always



“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

AMEN, Lord.    I get it. I understand. No, Lord. Nothing, not one thing, is too difficult for You. I believe it, because I have already seen what YOU have done in the past. The most recent past and biblical past.  So, I am laying it all on You. I already accepted the gamble on the day I made the decision to follow You. So, I absolutely trust that You have every intention of seeing this thing through and salvaging everything that I am and making it new and making it like You. You know what has occurred and what still has to happen. You have seen it all. I’m asking you to make it right. The things or people that have hindered, and deceived, taken and twisted your words and your intent.  There is a finish to everything that thwarts Your Plan. I would like, at times, to go my own way, but I cannot. I’m convinced that You will complete what you started. I have an express purpose. I will accomplish it by Your Power.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

So, if this is true,  then come do Your work. Satan wants to hold me hostage. But, he has no leverage. I’m free today.  He tries to use people and circumstances, but all things are in Your Hands. So, I’m not going to believe that He has any power over me today or tomorrow or any day he manipulates or charms with words or people, or desires, emotions or any other thing  he works through to achieve his objective. He’s good, no doubt, but You are always greater.  I’m asking for justice. Not because I am worthy.  I’m asking because I need You to step in and be my shield. I’m not in a physical situation that requires physical rescue, but I am in a virtual world where reality is distorted and souls are vulnerable and among those individuals are those who seek to manipulate and who are emotional predators. I’m trying to run a ministry and I’m not equipped to deal with this. I was blindsided.  I’ve recovered,  but I have a feeling, some harder things are yet to come.  Lord, please, listen to Me. I need You to stand up for me. There’s no way I will be able to do this alone.  I’m sinful,  but I’m trying to do what is right and somehow I acquired some adversaries along the way.  I can’t tell if they are just selfish or a vehicle for Satan to exploit. Maybe both. You know. Lord, help me. I love You, and it isn’t good enough,  not at the level you deserve. But, I’m relying on Your Love for me that has borne so much already. Amen, Lord of All, and my best LOVE.  With You, and only You, no one else, is it  Love Always???




Season’s Over

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:” Ecclesiastes 3:1

If you can accept this, you can know when and how to move forward because, this is wisdom from Heaven and He who dwells there,  knows your life schedule. His agenda is Supreme and letting go is the way to free your heart. If you believe and follow Him, He’s going to fulfill His purpose for you. So, holding onto anything that is past it’s expiration date, is only  an internal struggle and won’t affect His Plan unless you forfeit it and decide to go your own way. (This doesn’t mean that what was, wasn’t priceless and essential.  I just know when the season is over it’s over.) Now, personally,  I don’t have a better plan. Mine has always been unstable since it fluctuates with my emotions and my very limited mind. But releasing my agenda is never easy. I’m probably always going to struggle with some version of this.  But, today, was epic. After 6 months of influencing and wrestling and wondering and questioning,  I just let it go. I had to. It was time. I am so very confident that it was the next step. It must have happened overnight, I’m not sure, but I just wasn’t sad to let go and I no longer had faith in it. I could see how futile and unvaluable it was as it robbed me of joy. Then— I saw this on Instagram. I thought,  yes, this is good.  My God is going to take me further and maybe even faster without all that resistance. Plus, everybody will be way better off since I won’t be scuffling to keep what wasn’t meant to be anyway. Epic is a very good word to describe shifts in spiritual matters. And today was Epic.

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.” Psalm 138:8


Saturday Night Fun with White Ink

This is definitely a looong video.  So,  unless you’re a hardcore Squiggly Word Fan, I wouldn’t hang around.  This is just a test, anyway.  


But if you’re still reading,  I was testing Dr PH Martin Bleed Proof White. I had to dilute it with a a few drops of water. I’m using a Nikko G nib. It’s a good combo to test on dark paper.  It’s not my favorite nib, but it is one of the easiest ones to mess around with.  I don’t have a lot of time to practice, so tonight was special because I had time to test out different papers.  This isn’t high art, but it gave me an idea of how the ink worked with the paper and the nib.  I know, this is calligraphy nerdiness, but it’s what’s involved in attempting to create different looks.  If I had all day, I’d spend a ton of it with dip pen practice. But, there are still so many styles still left to learn.  I tried brush pens tonight too. That was pretty pathetic,  so lucky for you, no video. ?  I don’t know what I’m doing some days, Sometimes I just need to just do it.  It’s the only way I’ll know what works, how to improve and continue striving. It’s kind of like that in my walk as a Christian. Except,  Love, specifically, His Love, gives me a fair anount of direction. I live it out,  and see how it settles.  So far,  this ministry has been a result of that. So,  I make every effort to represent His Love in the most excellent way,  and where I fall short,  He bridges the gap.  Too bad that didn’t work for the brush lettering?  May your night be blessed in all goodness and truth and love through Him, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. ??????

Love Always ♥♥♥♥♥