How To Save A Life


He isn’t quick to condemn.  He is fixated on saving everybody.  Every single one.  That means he is using all of his resources to reveal the truth to us.  I am a witness of this.  I lived in a place that is susceptible to earthquakes.  After a large, devastating quake, that destroyed various buildings and roads, I wasn’t sure if I should go to work the next day.  I had checked on my parents, and brothers/sisters that still lived at home.  Everybody was fine. I decided to go to work the next morning.  I worked for a large corporation and only a small percentage of people were there that day.  One lady in particular, sees me a few hours into the day and invites me to church.  (as a side note, during the quake, which occurred during work hours, she waved her Thomas Chain Reference Bible and said in a loud voice, “Life Insurance”)  So basically, I figured she was a religious wing nut.  Yea, no.  I wasn’t planning on going to church.  He disappoints, remember?  Besides that, I was a Catholic atheist.  I didn’t believe in God, but I was still afraid of Him.  Old joke.  I convinced myself that I was an atheist.  No God, no problems.  This crazy lady keeps inviting me, engaging in conversation with me for 4 months.  Eh, kind of paid attention, but mostly didn’t take it seriously.  Honestly, I was kind of scared.  I didn’t want to know about God.  The only reason I went to church with her 4 months later was because she KNEW the Scriptures.  She would back everything up with the verses.  Crap, I was in adultery, had an abortion, loved to get drunk, and I was very familiar with drugs.  Yet, I was a fully functioning person, just like my dad.  I had a very good job working for a sub contractor of the government.  I was an accountant.  I never missed a day of work.  But nobody could party harder than me.  I’m serious. I compartmentalized the wild side so that it wouldn’t bleed over into my professional life.  But I really didn’t hold back on that party life. So, I have to say, I was a hard sell.  If she couldn’t give me any Scriptures to validate what she said, it was a no go.  I’m still like this.  I feel bad for her, it was tough, but she stuck it out.  I should be like her.  Finally, March 21st, after studying the Scriptures, gaining faith, and repenting, I am baptized!.  So, what? This is what:  I was not royalty, or wealthy, influential, or particularly brilliant.  Do you know what that means?!!  He wants all men to be saved.  Every single one.

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